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Budget Travelling Abroad

How to can board to International Countries with low budget travel

Hovos is an innovative marketplace for travelers which offers them with hospitality services and allow travelers to explore the world by their own. It is operated by a group of network offering accommodations and meals to travelers in exchange with the work done by travelers for them. It was started in year 2016 and basically serving in European countries with the aim of service exchange between more than 10,000 volunteers and 1537 hosts.
Hosts from Africa, Europe, Central America, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and America are the one providing volunteers/travelers with free accommodation as well as meal and receive their help in their projects. More than 12,000 volunteers travel through Hovos. Volunteers are the travelers who exchange help with hosts in their projects and in return enjoy free accommodation, meals, and other perks. Hovos is composed in such a way it offers loads of solace in voyaging. Being a host, you can welcome anybody to Hovos for your service and being a volunteer, you can welcome anybody as a host on the off chance that you want to travel a particular location. As a volunteer you can look for volunteering abroad tasks offered by hosts such as animal care, art project, child care, computer help, construction, elderly care, farming, gardening, help in the house, hostel support, house sitting, internet support, language practice, pet sitting, teaching or tourist support.


Budget Travel Abroad - Hovos

How It Works:
Hosts across the world register with Hovos providing information regarding type of task and volunteer they require, and the accommodation they are providing. All volunteer need to do is to sign up as a volunteer on Hovos and need to create a detailed profile including personal details and specific skills they have. Begin with choosing a travel destination and peruse through a hosts requiring help for different task at that place. Pick the host and task precisely and send them the demand through Hovos as it were. Examine in detail the idea of the task, the accommodation, the area, and meal types.
When volunteer and host both commonly concede to terms, host will acknowledge the demand and be a volunteer; you will concur with the host. Hovos just act as a conduit between host and volunteer; the exact terms and conditions are exchanged between them. The aim of Hovos is to exchange help. So, it will take nothing to be a member of Hovos. But, once the settlement happens amongst hosts and volunteer, little administration fees of $10/€10 is applied.

Services offered by Hosts in exchange of free stay and food.
Charity begins at home”, a proverb which very well indicates that charity is a virtue that needs to be imbibed in the child right from the early age and which starts from the house. In other words, it begins in the near neighborhoods of a person. Firstly a person comes forward to help his neighbors, relatives and friends in the very beginning. Afterwards, he extends his, same helping hand to the distant places, where thousands of the needy and the weak people await his help and sympathy. Charity must become a fundamental state of mind and heart that guides us in all we do. Charity is a supreme virtue, and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed onto mankind .Although God has made everyone but not everyone is equally bestowed with the wealth. Some are better off than the others and this is why one must do charity work onto the path of God and humanity.

The generations of today are running behind materialistic things, we keep pushing ourselves to acquire all that has only material value, adds onto our living status. It is not totally wrong to work to improve your wellbeing status but to forget everything else is wrong. “Men lose all the material things they leave behind them in this world, but they carry with them the reward of their charity and the alms they give. For these, they will receive from the Lord the reward and recompense they deserve”, quotes Francis of Assisi. Charity work brings a sense of responsibility in an individual towards his fellow beings. It is an addicting task which once done, is done always. Charity does not always include money or material things, every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows. Charity work is one work that you do for others without thinking about yourself. It is an act of selflessness.

There are numerous ways to do charity but you must ensure that the benefits are reaching the intended. Hovos takes pride in connecting volunteers with hosts with a common goal: working together for someone or something that needs their assistance. Any effort you make towards charity to genuinely help someone is well-worth your time; even if you can't meet your end goal, you would have made some positive difference and inspired others along the way. At the end of the project, you can feel happy and proud knowing that the few hours of your life that you've dedicated to someone in need has not been in vain. Hovos brings together number of people who are both will to work as volunteers and also as hosts. If you own a NGO or are working professionally towards the betterment and you need few extra helping hand, Hovos is the best place to search for the volunteers for your charity project abroad. It is a passionate thing that brings people together, a volunteer might be experienced in this field and he may be able to leverage your charity project as well. With a partner for assistance, you will be able to execute your project more swiftly. On the other hand, if you are yourself keen on starting a community project but are fairly new in this field and need someone's assistance to put all the details together. You can seek help from our volunteers that have required skills and resources needed to solve the community problem. Once you have charted out the skills and help required, plan out the way forward and the budget required for your charity project.

You might need many people to help you out with your charity project and since it is a charity work you are not required to pay the volunteers .in return of their help you can provide them free accommodation and meals. It is a work of passion and when passionate people working for the same goal come together, they work marvels.


You might be staying in a well off place but you might be aware of the plight of other people who are not so we off. This gives you an opportunity to do charity work abroad. It is not easy to identify the needy if you do not belong to that place; a local resident can be your host and help you out in your charity work. As a volunteer there is no hard and fast rule as to how much time or resources you need to devote, it is a work done by heart without thinking about your own benefits. You can devote the time and resources according to your capacity and your will. The charity project involves many tasks which becomes less challenging if you are doing it for humanity. Doing charity work abroad enhances your perception of the world, when you are working in an environment different from your own; you are faced with realities of the plight of the people living there. Every religion in the world teaches charity, it is unequivocally stated by all that Charity bestowed upon those who are worthy of it is like good seed sown on a good soil that yields an abundance of fruits. But alms given to those who are yet under the tyrannical yoke of the passions are like seed deposited in a bad soil. The passions of the receiver of the alms choke, as it were, the growth of merits.

No matter where you begin your charity project whether it is locally or abroad, it is important to do your bit towards the betterment of the society. With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the humanity. A charity project can take many forms. Your assistance may be needed in teaching differently able kids or organizing a charity show or run for a cause such as breast cancer or to raise funds for a local hospital. This is your opportunity to put to use the benefits the God has bestowed upon you to good use. When it comes to a charity project, every effort counts!

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